Monday, September 14, 2009

Not much new

I had a regular day at work. I still feel crampy and tired but I know that's likely the meds.

I did get to have a facial tonight. I need it terribly for my acne, but I really like my facial lady. She is fabulous!!! We have great conversations during my time and I think I actually might even relax just a pinch while I'm there. She said no thinking of when I'll get pregnant, but that this is it. I sure hope so, though at the moment, I don't feel any different than normal. I've got like 11 days until beta, but I think I might have to use a HPT on Saturday or at least before the 24th. That is just too long to wait! Though a part of me has only seen disappointment with every pregnancy test, so maybe its better to live in happy obliviousness a little longer. I don't know...

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