Saturday, September 26, 2009


Apparently night before last, I had a dream. Hubby said I sat up in bed and looked him and said, "Pink, pink, pink...(giggle, giggle)....there would be large quantities of pink." I have no idea what this means. My brother is having a girl, so I might have thought of that. Or maybe we're having a girl.

For years, I had definite views of wanting a specific gender for a baby, but I think infertility has made me realize that I am so elated to have a baby, I really don't care.

As far as symptoms, I do have some nausea (but not vomiting...thank GOD!). I have been tired, but my sleeping patterns are strange. I want to sleep all day but have problems falling asleep at night and I wake up early (which is so not like me).

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