Thursday, September 10, 2009

Embryo transfer today

I just had my embryo transfer for my first ever frozen embryo transfer. My Reproductive Endocronolgist asked me how I was doing on the progesterone. I told him I was emotional after 5 days on it, and since the last time I was on it I was practically suicidal when I got my negative, I told him I was worried. He said journeling might be helpful (in addition to antidepressants if needed). So this is my attempt at that.

Just some history...I have actually been trying to conceive since January 2005. The partner I was with then was sterile (which we found out after a year of futile trying). I moved on to 5 donor sperm IUIs which were all negatives. That relationship died and I thought I would never be able to have children (or that any of the male species were ever tolerable to live with). In November 2006, I met my wonderful hubby. We were married the next year in Scotland. We started trying right away (even though all my prior tests said I was OK) and no pregnancy. We both got tested again and the only problem was his morphology was a little low but he had really high counts. So we did 3 more IUIs with his sperm and 1 lap on me that found Stage I endo (all doctors say that's not our issue though) and now hubby's sperm levels are all normal with still really high counts but we're still not pregnant. So in April 2008, I did my first IVF with a clinic 3 hours from our home (only one in our state). They retrieved 8 mature eggs and had 100% fertilization. They transferred 3 fabulous quality 3 day embryos and froze 2 of the 3 day embies and culture 2 more to 6 day and froze those. Big Fat f'in Negative. So we decided, it was time to change doctors. I now go to an RE that is 6.5 hours each way from our home but the monitoring is done at my OB/GYNs 15 minutes away. They cultured the 3 day frozens and ended up with 1 blast at 4AB and 1 morula. So we've still got a straw with 2 frozen 6 day blasts. But I'm sure hoping this one works!

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