Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tough Day

So much has happened...not sure where to start. I guess the first part is we have had a roller coaster of a month. Drew got offered a job working in Nigeria (6 weeks and 2 weeks home). It was a process of waiting for approvals from each of the partner companies and the staffing company. Then we had to wait for the paperwork to fill out the visa and wait for visa approval. On Monday, he found out the visa was approved, and the company wanted him over there ASAP. Because of the complexity of the situation and the high chance of refusal at any of the prior levels, he hadn't told his boss before. He told him he was quitting. And that they wanted him to leave on Saturday. Thankfully the boss agreed to let him go on Friday.

So we had less than 24 hours to buy all the stuff he needs which included shopping all over town for a hardcase suitcase and for shower shoes (in November in North Dakota). Plus we were both nervous and scared and trying to remember everything. It was so tense and emotional. And I am sure pregnancy hormones have not helped at all.

I didn't help much at least at the airport today. I just couldn't help but cry when I saw him go. I will just miss him so very much. I saved the real big crying for when I got in the car to leave, so I tried to be as strong as I could. But my mind kept thinking of the anniversary and the birthday that I'll be alone and how the house will be so lonely without him. It just came at me all at once. I guess that's why the advice to take one day at a time is so important. Still I know the nights will be quiet and lonely especially. During the day, I can keep busy with stuff. I plan on sorting and throwing and organizing, so that everything is done when he is home.

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